Used for muscle strength training.

Size: 67×33×78cm
Total 12 sand bags
0.5kg, 2 pieces
0.75kg, 2 pieces
1kg, 2 pieces
1.5kg, 2 pieces
2kg, 2 pieces
2.5kg, 2 pieces

Used for training muscle strength.

Size: 67×33×78cm
Total 18 dumbbells
2.3kg, 4 pieces
1.8kg, 4 pieces
1.4kg, 4 pieces
0.9kg, 4 pieces
0.5kg, 2 pieces

Used to improve the coordination ability of whole body, as well as doing sitting training, standing training, balance training and extending training of body.

Size: 97*62*220cm

Material: steel

Used for correcting gesture.

Material:aluminum frame,mirror


Used to improve the coordination of upper limb and improve the muscle strength of upper limb and lower limb.

Including the below trainers, Shoulder wheel

Forearm rotation exerciser: forearm training

Wrist joints flexion and extension

exerciser Pulley weight