Used to improve wrist’s moving ability in all directions.

Size: 62*22*26cm

Adjustable range of handle: 0-11cm Adjustable range of hand cushion: 0-7cm

Maximum resistance: 980N

Used to improve ability of shoulder and elbow joints.


Height of platform: 0-63cm Adjustable range between axis of rotation and handle: 17-33cm

Used to improve forearm’s rotation function,can be used for training wrist’s moving range and muscle strength training.

Size: 68.5*20*26cm

Used to train upper limb’s stability and coordination.

Size: 80*20*45cm

Used to improve wrist joint’s moving range and muscle strength training.

Size: 53*19*98cm

Height of platform: 0-63cm

Used to improve shoulder’s move range.

Size: 55*10*122cm

Material: composite board

By pushing the weight to train upper limb’s muscle strength.


Up move distance:0-36cm Tilt angle:30°-45°

Tilt angle is adjustable